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** Regular Members (as of Oct.2015)

"classified by grade" GradeA 101
GradeB 120
GradeC 511
*Grade is decided by our Rating Committee according to the career of each member.
The new members are graded as C.

"classified by language" English 552
German 19
French 72
Italian 20
Spanish 46
Portuguese 13
Russian 13
Chinese 43
Korean 15
Thai 3
*The total above is not the same as the total of the members(732)
because some of the members have more than 2 licenses of different languages.

** Directors 17, Auditors 2

** Supporting Members 12
* Supporting members are such as travel agencies, hotels, souvenir shops, restaurants,
department stores, etc..

JGA Head Office Address (New Contact Address)
603, International Bldg. 1-6-1, Kanda-Izumicho,
Chiyoda-ku, 101-0024, Tokyo
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