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Welcome to the Exotic City, Yokohama !
1. Tours by Location; Yokohama (Kanto/Tokyo & vicinity)

2. Tour Features;
Yokohama started its history, when Japan took the policy of opening the country to the world in 1859.
Since then, Yokohama was forced to bear a destiny to take in the new civilaizaiton which marked the western countries at that time.
By the way, there were also many foreigners who contributed to the development of Yokohama, especially in the field of laying down of the base of the contemporary Yokohama such as the construction of railroad, water works and so on. We still could follow up the traces of those people who played an important role in Yokohama in these days. The tour will invite you to the turbulent history that Japan experienced toward the westernizaion so called in the starting-up era of the newly born Japan.

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Tour Time It will be decided after consultation with clients.
Dates of Operation It will be decided after consultation with clients.
Meeting Place JR(East Japan Railway) Sakuragicho sta.(Keihin-Tohoku line)
Duration Approx. 3 hours
Tour Price 5,000yen/person up to 2 persons, 3,000yen/person from 3 to 5 persons, 2,000yen/person for more than 6 persons
Expenses not included in the Tour Price Admission fee for some museum when you selected, approx. 500yen for one person
Itinerary Sakuragichou sta.(JR) - Yamashita Park - Osanbashi Pier - Harbor View Park - Former residence area for foreigners - Foreign Cemetery - China Town - Sakuragicho sta.
Guide's Name Choyo Tanaka(Mr.)
Guide's Website https://triplelights.com/profile/442
Language English
Distance of the Route Approx. 8 km
Reservations To make a Reservaton, Send an email to us with (1)your name,(2)number of participants,(3)desired tour date,(4)name & phone number of your hotel in Japan(or your contact phone number).
[Mail] cho_san194@nifty.com
Guide's Cellphone Number(for Emergency) Notice of it at the booking.
Tour Terms & Conditions Insurance is not covered in this tour. Credit card will not be available.
Cancellation fees not required
Notes You should be required to keep to the matters exchanged between us, such as time and so on.

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