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Beautiful City, Yokohama, Known by the Eight Scenic Spots of Kanazawa
1. Tours by Location; Yokohama (Kanto/Tokyo & vicinity)

2. Tour Features;
Do you know there are eight scenic spots in the southern part of Yokohama ?
In the 12 century when the Kamakura Shogunate was established in Kamakura, Mutuura of Yokohama became very much brisk as the port to transport provisions of many kinds to the Kamakura Shogunate.
By the way, people at that time, spent a peaceful life, blessed by rich resources brought by the sea, without being aware specially of the beauty of the village. However, a high priest invited by an Edo Shogun from China, happened to drop in Yokohama on the way to Edo, contemporary Tokyo, was so much surprized at the scenic beauty of the village. He named the spots after the eight scenic spots of China, " Eight Scenic Spots in Kanazawa". The spots were taken as the subjects for Ukiyoe painting and handed down up to now. This time, the tour will take you to the spots, and it will give an excellent opportunity for you to know more about Yokohama.

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Tour Time It will be decided after consultaion with clients.
Dates of Operation It will be decided after consultaiton with clients.
Meeting Place Kanazawa-Hakkei sta.(Keikyu line)
Duration Approx. 3 hours
Tour Price 5,000yen/person up to 2persons, 3,000yen/person from 3 to 5 persons, 2,000yen/person for more than 6persons
Expenses not included in the Tour Price Admission fee for the Hakkeijima island, an artificila island, based on your request
Itinerary Kanazawa-Hakkei sta. of Keihinkyuko line - Seto Shrine - Hiragata Bay - Yusho Bridge - Suzaki-cho - Ottomo-cho - Shomyoji Temple - Kanazawa-Hakkei sta.
Guide's Name Choyo Tanaka(Mr.)
Guide's Website https://triplelights.com/profile/442
Language English
Distance of the Route Approx. 8 km
Reservations To make a Reservaton, Send an email to us with (1)your name,(2)number of participants,(3)desired tour date,(4)name & phone number of your hotel in Japan(or your contact phone number).
[Mail] cho_san194@nifty.com
Guide's Cellphone Number(for Emergency) Notice of it at the booking.
Tour Terms & Conditions Insurance is not covered in this tour. Credit card will not be available.
Cancellation fees not required
Notes Please keep to the matters which have been dicide between us through consultation, such as time shcedule and so on.

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