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Visit to the Kanda Myojin, one of the three oldest shrines in Tokyo and experience of "Maid" cafe, cosplay restaurant served by waitresses dressed in maid costume in Akihabara "Electric" town, center of electric appliances.
1. Tours by Location; Akihabara (Kanto/Tokyo & vicinity)

2. Tour Features;
Visit the Kanda Myojin to know the history of the shognate capital. Visit a maid cafe or enjoy cosplay of "maid" at a dress-rental shop.

Tour Time 14:00
Dates of Operation Saturday and public holiday
Meeting Place JR Akihabara Station (Hotel pick-up is available)
Duration Three hours.
Tour Price JPY 3,000 per person. Hotel pick-up service JPY1,000
Expenses not included in the Tour Price Price of maid café or rental fee of maid dress. In case of pick-up at the hotel, transportation fare.
Itinerary JR Akihabara Station-Kanda Myojin-maid café or dress rental shop-JR Akihabara Station
Guide's Name Yumiko Horio
Guide's Website -
Language English, French for supportive use
Distance of the Route 2 km
Reservations To make a Reservaton, Send an email to us with (1)your name,(2)number of participants,(3)desired tour date,(4)name & phone number of your hotel in Japan(or your contact phone number).
[Mail] yuminhori@yahoo.co.jp
Guide's Cellphone Number(for Emergency) Notice of it at the booking.
Tour Terms & Conditions minimum number of participants is two.
Cancellation fees JPY3,000 per person. In case of cosplay,the cancellation charge of the rental shop.
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