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JGA Walking Tours

JGA Walking Tours
SiteImge This is our handmade walking tour site by our members starting in September, 2007. There are not many tours registered yet, but you find some unique ones. Those who are interested in walking tours, please visit the site. Each tour is run by each member at his/her own responsibility. Please contact him/her for more detail information.

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Akihabara Walking Tours

Akihabara image Akihabara image Akihabara image

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Let's enjoy AKIHABARA, then we hope the protection of deities !
    Langauge: French
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One day Tokyo tour on your request. Only with your family and friends.
    From Akihabara or from your hotel to Ueno, Asakusa or Fukagawa for Goma esoteric ritual service ?
Details: Under Construction
Walking Tour in Akihabara in Tokyo-Enjoy doubly this multi-faceted megalopolice with pop culture.
    Your guide will help you to discover the interesting spots, which you may otherwise overlook.
Details: Under Construction
Basic Akihabara + alfa Walking Tour
    Walking tour to visit major tourist spots at Akihabara Electric town in Tokyo.
    Optional tours to Ameyoko wholesalers' street, Tokyo character street and the Ghibli Museum also available, upon request !
Details: Under Construction
Akihabara walking tour for "Tecchan" and "Tetsuko" (Railway fun)
    Railway goods shopping in Akihabara and Train - watching at Nippori.
Details : Under Construction
Guided Tour of "Asakusa"
    "To feel nostalgic Tokyo"
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Walk and See Akihabara and its Vicinity near Ochanomizu Station
    Let's visit Akiba's bustling electronic appliance and famous pop-culture quarter, colorful Kanda Myojin Shrine and quiet Yushima Seido (Secred Hall)
Details : Under Construction
The Best of Akihabara - a quick tour with an English speaking guide
    A national certified guide will take you to deep inside of Akihabara, the center of Japanese pop culture.
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Birding in Tokyo Bay , walking in Akihabara
    Experience nature and something unnatural.
Details: Under Construction

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