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** Institutionary Journal

Published in alternate months. Over 300 issues by now. It has been literally "a good companion" for the members. It contains useful information for the guides, interesting articles and stories many of which the members collect by themselves. There are also many reports on the inspection tours and the lectures in it so that those who miss them can get general information.

** Reference books and drills for the guide test
We are selling the following reference books and drills for the examinees to pass the guide test.

The Bible or tranquilizer(?) for the guides. The book explains the sightseeing spots and culture of Japan. A long-run (29th edition) and one of the best selling books among the guides. It is smooth-touch paper covered and very handy on actual guiding. For the examinees, it tells you the general information about Japan and the technical terms for the guides. You can also use the book for the preparation of the interview test.


(Japanese Geography in Tourism)
This is one of the musts to pass the third test (the paper test in Japanese). One effective way of study with this book is to check all the major cities, mountain ranges, rivers, plains, national parks on the book with the Atlas of Japan and then fill them out in a blank map by yourself. We suggest that you read the book as many times as possible until you have memorized it. You should also prepare so that you can write all the names in KANJI(Chinese character),too.


(Brief History of Japanese Culture and Diplomatic Intercourse)
This is another must for the third test that many passers of the examination have read. It is also so compact that you should read it thoroughly by referring the chronology attached at the back. The book gives you the general flow of Japanese history and will help you when you read more detailed history books of Japan.

If you need any book introduced above, please contact our head office in Tokyo, or you just send money with a registered mail. We will send the book in return.
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